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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

Today’s guest needs little introduction in the small farm no-till world.  Jesse Frost of Rough Draft Farm in central Kentucky has helped so many of us learn about soil health and diversified small scale production through the No-Till Growers YouTube channel, the No-Till Growers podcast, and his book The Living Soil Handbook.   

If you’ve struggled with heavy clay, boggy or compacted soils at your farm or in your garden, this is the episode for you! Frequently I get asked about my recommendations for clay and poorly draining areas, but I actually have no experience with those conditions myself.  Jesse does.  And I eagerly picked his brain for you all.  You're welcome! 😉

We talk a bit about cover crops for clay soils, including tillage radish, phacelia, sorghum sudangrass, vetch, and winter rye.  

Also in this episode, Jesse and I take a stroll down memory lane to consider both of our paths as regenerative growers.  As you’ll hear, five or six years ago, there was only a trickle of guidance available for smaller farms looking to implement no-till practices on a production level.  We both had to do a lot of experimenting on our farms and still do today.  We mention the Singing Frogs interview on the Farmer To Farmer Podcast back in 2018, a key catalyst for both of our no-till journies.  Also Andrew Mefferd's book The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution, which was published in the spring of 2019.  Both are highly recommended if you haven't already discovered them.

Also Mentioned In This Episode: 

The Regenerative Growers COHORT with me, Jennie Love, is a year-long, small group coaching program for those that need a little help learning how to apply all the concepts and practices talked about here on the podcast.  To learn more, click here 

Other On-demand Short Courses for Farmers: 

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