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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Jan 22, 2023

Guest Laura Beth Resnick of Butterbee Farm in Maryland joins host Jennie Love again to discuss building and rebuilding a successful farm business over the past decade. 

Covered in this episode are:

- Finding land to farm
- Pros and cons of renting versus buying farm land
- Funding sources for land and infrastructure
- Making infrastructure decisions
- Bringing goats to a flower farm
- Finding peach of mind and courage in the face of big change and wintertime

Mentioned in this episode are: 

The Regenerative Flower Farmers Network

Jennie's upcoming virtual farming cohort where she'll coach a small group of flower farmers throgh the spring. 

Laura Beth's previous episode here on No-Till Flowers.

Laura Beth's online class about building a farm, including more details about funding. 

past episode on farmer burnout and mental well-being with Amelia Ihlo.

The "goat moat" fig guy, Three Fold Farm in Mechanicsburg PA (they have an earth battery green house too). 

Farm Service Agency (FSA) for farm loans

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