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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Jan 8, 2023

Host Jennie Love walks listeners through a clear and detailed description of how she has prepared no-till beds at her farm over the seasons.  She goes into particular detail about the "deep mulch system" that many smaller diversified farms use for no-till bed preparation.  Jennie also discusses her own journey to getting started with no-till farming back in 2018.   Water and weed concerns related to no-till beds are also disucssed in this episode.  

Mentioned in this show:

Registration for the 2023 No-Till Flowers Farming Cohort is now open and you can sign up here.  

Andrew Mefferd's book, The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution

Join the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network to read detailed articles on and see lots of photos of no-till bed preparation.  

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No-till farming bed preparation with deep mulch system