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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Jan 23, 2024

Welcome to Part 2 of a recent interview host Jennie Love had with guest Bryant Mason of Soil Doctor Consulting.

If you haven’t already listened to Episdoe 37 or Episode 29, stop this one now and go back to listen to those first.  In this segment, Bryant helps listeners understand what plant tissue testing is and why it is so valuable for farmers to do.  Bryant walks us through a tissue test for stock grown at Jennie's farm, explaining how to read the various nutrient values and make decisions for future fertilization.  

If you'd like to see the tissue test result sheet Bryant and Jennie discuss in this episode, along with other test results from Jennie's crops, join the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network (RFFN) to have a look at those.

Two labs that Jennie has used for tissue testing flower crops are: 

At the end of this conversation, we also get a nice list of resources listeners can use to increase their knowledge of organic and regenerative growing.  Here are links to most of those: 

This conversation with Bryant was broken into two episodes since it was full of so much information. So be sure to go back and listen to the first half in Episode 37.  

Follow Bryant on Instagram @soil_doctor.  

Bryant has developed an easy online tool to help you directly to interpret your soil tests and choose natural amendments accordingly.  Click here to learn more.  

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On-demand Short Courses for Farmers available on the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network: 

Tap into the above courses and resources any time you need.  These are available on-demand through the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network. 



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