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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Apr 3, 2024

We don’t typically dive into business topics on this podcast as I like to keep the focus on regenerative growing practices.  But today we’re going to go off theme a bit for a special guest.  Many of you already know Scott Shepherd, the host of The Flower Podcast.  

Scott has such a unique position in our industry.  He studied horticulture under the likes of Dr. Allan Armitage.  His day job in the three decades since has been working in sales at wholesale houses, first in Georgia and now in Tennessee.  In that role, he’s touched every facet of the global import market.  He’s also had a long-standing side hustle as a grower of specialty stems like hellebores.  And as a podcaster, he’s had many in-depth discussions with both florists and flower farmers.  

Scott recently interviewed me about regenerative farming for his own podcast.  At the end of that chat, I asked him if I could switch seats with him, so to speak, and ask him so long burning questions I had about selling flowers through a traditional wholesaler.  I don’t know about you, but it’s always felt a bit mysterious.  Exactly how does one go about approaching a big wholesaler?  What quantities do you need to bring to the table?  What kind of prices could you get?  What was supposed to be just a brief chat turned into a lengthy and very enlightening conversation I thought you’d all like to hear. 

In addition to this episode here on No-Till Flowers, you can catch another piece of my conversation with Scott on a new podcast I’m currently hosting called Floral Guild Radio.  Yep, you read that right!  There’s now a second podcast where you can hear me talk about flowers.  Floral Guild Radio is much more geared towards the business side of flowers, particularly selling to florists.  I’d love to have you tune in there too!


As always, a big shout out to members of the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network who, through their membership, so generously support the making of this podcast!   If you’re not a member but you’d like to join, it’s just $20 a year.  Lots of detailed articles, podcast transcripts, and a community chat are available on RFFN.  If you’ve ever had follow up questions to episodes here, that’s the place to go to ask!


Many of you may be in hiring mode for your farms right now.  I’d love to help you be less intimidate by hiring and find a better flow to managing a crew that doesn’t consume all your brain space and time. I have an online short course called CREW that is focused on the best practices of hiring, training, and managing farm crews.  If this sounds like something you could use, head to the show notes to grab the link.


Others of you may not be ready to hire, but could use a helping hand with decision making and trouble shooting this season.  I host a monthly small group cohort for regenerative growers on RFFN and would be happy to field all your questions there.  Look for the link to that in the show notes as well! 


Additional places to find Scott Shepherd: 

The Flower Podcast Instagram feed

The Flower Podcast YouTube channel

The Pansy Appreciation Society Instagram feed.