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The No-Till Flowers Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

Welcome to Season 3 of the No-Till Flowers podcast!  Emma Horswill from Earthenry Farm in Tasmania joins host, Jennie Love, for a lovely chat that hits on several important regenerative farming practices. 

The primary focus of this episode is irrigation, particularly an approach to it called "pulse watering".  Other topics include cover cropping, fertigation, quickly imporving poor compacted soil using regenerative methods, creating a flower farm that's very asethetically pleasing for a you-pick operation, and converting a horse farm to a flower farm.  

Links mentioned in this episode are as follows: 

Earthenry Farm on Instagram

Dahlias in Australia: The Winkie Way (the book Emma used to originally learn about pulse watering) 

The Regenerative Flower Farmers Network where members can download Emma's fact sheet on pulse watering.  

Steve Solomon's "Complete Organic Fertilizer" recipe

Daniel May's book The No-Till Organic Vegatable Farm

ARC Centre for Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture (Australian think tank for future proofing our farms)  

Teeming with Bacteria by Jeff Lowenfels  


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